Hello Mt. Perry,

What’s going on?? You may be wondering.

Here’s a few things the MPCDB has been busy at

Refurbishing the Leopard Tank Area

  • 2018 is the Centenary of Armistice WW1.
  • An application for funding from the Lasting Legacies Foundation has been lodged to provide funding to refurbish the Leopard Tank area. (You can see some graphics of the planned refurbishment below – click on an image below to make it larger).
  • In conjunction with this project, there has been research done to celebrate our local war heroes some of which have quite extraordinary stories. These will become the focus of the newly refurbished area.
  • The support from our local communities RSL, State School, Heritage and Tourist and Council has been super positive and beyond expectation – Many Thanks to you all.


Sealing Mt. Perry – Mingo – Gayndah  Roads

  • At our January community meeting, this was one of our communities major concerns. Our Mayor Rachel Chambers has made this one of her priorities and she was asked “what can we do.”
  • The list of criteria for priority for road upgrades is being questioned and safety is a big thing.
  • “What we need is real, everyday incidents to be documented”
  • The MPCDB has developed an incident report document. (download from this site)
  • We need the truth about the dangerous conditions that are often associated with these unsealed roads.


  • Let people know that there is a document they can fill out reporting damage, a near miss or incident on the road.
  • Incident reports will be available at Mingo and various businesses in the region as well as being downloadable from this site [download PDF here]

Bringing more people to Mt. Perry

  • Watch this space. We are currently consulting with council and community on some proposed areas which would allow motorhomers, tourists and campers to stay conveniently and inexpensively.

Mt Perry Strategic Plan – Final Draft

  • Our consultants “Earthcheck” have delivered the final draft of Mt Perry’s strategic plan.
  • Already we have used this document to lend weight to the projects we are already undertaking. It is the hammer that drives the nail.
  • We anticipate being able to use this document and the well known and regarded “Earthcheck” influence to gain favourable consideration for the projects identified to build Mt. Perry.
  • Download the document (PDF), have a read, contact one of the MPCDB members if you have a question and let us know what you think.

There is the real and wonderful opportunity for the Mt. Perry community to become involved in the development and realisation of these projects. We are all looking forward to working with you.


Ken Schuster

Mt Perry Community Development Board
Management Committee