Welcome and thank you for coming to the 2020 MPCDB AGM and supporting the community.

Firstly, I would like to thank my management team.

Secretary Beryl Dingle who has been a very welcome addition to the Board after the resignation of Tammy Heywood earlier in the year.

After being dropped in the deep end, Beryl has manged to get her head around the many things requiring attention. Thanks, Beryl.

Treasurer Gavin Murray. The MPCDB has made the transition to being registered for GST and going online with our accounts using the Reckon accounting package.

Gavin has been more than just a treasurer however, being actively involved in all aspects of the Board. If you need an unbiased, level headed appraisal of a concept, just ask Gavin. It’ll be exactly what you don’t want to hear…but need to listen to. Thanks, Gavin

We don’t have a VP at present. Former president Jayson Gowlet who brought some fresh ideas to the board, moved to Childers and had to resign earlier this year. The then VP accepted the nomination for President and stepped into that role…that would be me.

A special thanks to Management Committee members Alan Betts, Yvette Stevenson-Mackay and Nigel French for their contributions on the various sub committees hosted by the MPCDB

Last but not least, all board members for the contributions you have made. It is this support that turns opportunity into reality….

Well, what a year this has been!

The MPCDB has two major projects on the go

  • The Melbourne Tram
  • The Mt Perry Summit Walk


These two projects really have the ability to change the dynamic and economic future of Mt. Perry. Many people pass through this town and admire its natural beauty, looking for something to do or somewhere to go. These two projects have the ability to deliver this foundation, giving people cause to stay and to spend.

The projects are well under way and have seen an estimated capital investment so far of well in excess of $500k. The Summit Walk alone, once completed will total close to $1M! Not bad for a little town. A considerable portion will have been spent locally and the economic benefits shared in the town for hopefully, many years to come.

The MPCDB can’t take the all credit for this outcome. It is a vehicle that is all.

This point needs to be made very clearly. Everyone of these projects relies upon collaboration. Good, traditional, plain old cooperation. People working together.

Without Gidarjil, the SQW trainees would not have been here and done the remarkable work they have in Mt. Perry.

Without the Mens Shed, the Melbourne Tram would not be here and present one of the greatest opportunities this town has seen for years.

The Mt. Perry Summit Nature Walk could not have become a reality without the NBRC or the QPWS being actively involved.

Further to this, projects need leadership. Someone who is prepared to own and champion a project. It is a selfless thing to do and often thankless as well, but without people like this, projects rarely get off the ground.

And then there’s our stakeholders. Without good leadership and communication with stakeholders, the resources needed to make these projects become reality, would evaporate. These stake holders include our local and federal MP’s, the NBRC, the Bendigo Community Bank, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, the Gidargjil Corporation, the QPWS, the Department of Main Roads, the Department of Natural Recources and the list goes on. Even when things don’t quite go to plan, dialogue and diplomacy can often keep the doors open for further discussion.

Its at this point a special mention needs to be made of Evolution, Mt. Rawdon Operations and its management who have contributed to the Mt. Perry Community with genuine interest and concern. They have actively sought out ways to help the Mt. Perry Community forward and have followed through with tangible outcomes.

This genuine quality was proved beyond a doubt on the 29th July, at a general meeting, the MPCDB was presented with a giant cheque worth a whopping $221,000!

This is not to mention the considerable donations toward the Melbourne Tram and other community organisations.

You often hear of mining companies and their grab and go philosophies despite rhetoric to the contrary.

Evolution has, in my opinion, smashed this ideology and have already left a positive legacy in Mt. Perry.

Many Thanks Evolution Mining.

The stage is set for another big year.

All we need to do is remain a cohesive, unified board with one focus – The future of Mt. Perry.

The MPCDB needs to be rock solid to deliver the support platform necessary to see the Melbourne Tram and Summit Walk  projects completed.

This does bring up another view point.

In order for the Board with its limited resources to cope with the demands these projects present, the management committee voted to reduce general meetings to a minimum 3 meetings (1 per quarter) plus the AGM, or as required, to free up valuable time the individual sub committees require to manage the projects.

This is not ideal.

There have been a number of really worthwhile projects go unrealised because there is simply no one to take ownership and drive them forward.

Examples of these are the Florence Broadhurst project and the War Memorial project.


I believe the MPCDB has the right formula to enable these projects.

If you have a vision, this is the launch pad.

There are lots of opportunities, but that is all they are until someone stands up and grabs one and runs with it. This is your opportunity.

Many thanks for your attendance this evening and showing support for the Mt. Perry community.


Ken Schuster