Mt Perry Summit Walk – Report 2020 – 2021

March/April       – Summit Walk oversight committee negotiates final agreements between the NBRC and QPWS

June                 – Cultural and Heritage Clearance attained                         

                                – Gidarjil Trainees officially start work on the mountain

July                  – Toyota Landcruiser Troopy hired for Trainees to access mountain

– Trainees working on the mountain 3 days per week under the supervision of the QPWS

August              – Funding submission to Evolution Mining successful. MPCDB presented with cheque for $221,000 to assist in the construction of the Summit Walk

September        – Trailworx complete earthwork at the Ecotone section of the Trail.

– QPWS provide treads to set into various sections.

– Trainees able to learn valuable trail construction techniques from the Trailworx crew.

– MPCDB order treads to replace the ones provided by QPWS.

– MPCDB walk trail numerous times to divide trail into manageable sections and  provide the framework for continued progress assessments.

– Weekly Supervisor reports implemented to gauge progress

– The Summit Walk sub committee voted to discontinue using the hired Troopcarrier  in favour of purchasing a suitable replacement vehicle. This would stop the $115 +   GST / day budget drain.

– Nissan Patrol purchased for $12,800. Estimate around an $8,000 saving over the duration of the project with an asset at the end.

October            – MPCDB makes more site visits to assist the QPWS and Gidarjil in mapping  remaining sections of the trail.

– NBRC approached to fulfil its agreement to grade and surface the assembly area of  the Gazetted Road.

– Plans drawn for construction at the assembly area and submitted to Council in accordance with the CEO’s letter of approval.

– Consultation with Land Holder on construction and position of sight fence along the  gazetted road boundary.

– Materials ordered

November         – NBRC grades and surfaces the assembly area – Valued at $3500.

– As a matter of formality, Development Application and Fee Waiver ($395) form submissions are pending.

– The first group of Trainees will be finishing up this month. (27th)

– It is anticipated that sections A-E and Sections T-W will have largely been completed by this stage.


January 2021    – Selection process for SQW trainees takes place in Gin Gin attended by Gavin Murray and Ken Schuster.

– Trainees commence work on mountain

– Davis Building Services quote accepted and preparations commence to construct the 120m sight fence along the first section of the Gazetted Rd.

February           – Trailworx engaged once again to impart trail building knowledge to trainees.

– Trainees making excellent progress on the difficult Steep Ridge section.

– Slab for Summit Walk Sign delivered to Grant Partridge of Gin Gin to engrave.


March               – NBRC Letter of Approval for the building work at the car park and shelter

April                 – Davis Building Services quote accepted and preparations commence to construct the car park and shelter area.

– Botanists visit from Brisbane to catalogue fauna, arranged by Gin Gin Land Care.

– over 200 species identified, several unknown species also acknowledged.

May                  – QPWS actively involved in trail alignment. Several sections realigned creating some difficulty in construction.

– Story Flight engaged to deliver interpretive signage for the Shelter site.

June                 – Date set for Official opening – 6th August

– Car Park and Shelter mostly completed

– NBRC contacted to provide street signage for the Summit Walk

July                  – Working Bee to install signs, bench seats and interp shelters. Working Bee well attended by Board members, Community members and some HR from Evolution.

– QPWS indicating it is prepared to sign off the trail in principal for the opening subject  to some remedial work being done. Time line – end November.

– Table and bench chair combo ordered and installed at the car park shelter.

August              – Final Working Bee to finish Interp shelters, gates, access signs and tidy up.

– Food and drinks ordered for the opening.

– Official opening 6th August 10am attended by around 150 people.

– Channel 7 news and the ABC radio covering the event.

September        – Stage 1 progress report and Stage 2 budget request sent to Evolution.

– See attached sheet.


Track Completion Status (as at 31/09/20)

To monitor the level of work completed on each section the following rating values are used.

  1. Means that the track has been roughly marked out, but little or no work has been carried out to form the track. (Mapped in RED)
  2. Means that work has started, the position of the track has been fully decided and marked, some clearing. (Mapped in GREEN)
  3. Means that vegetation has been cleared to the required width. (Mapped in BLUE)
  4. Means that the track is finished and awaiting QPWS sign-off. (Mapped in YELLOW)
  5. Means that QPWS have signed off the section – it is complete. (Mapped in PURPLE)