July 2020

eMail from Moira Thompson – Experience Altitude

Congratulations everyone on your achievement regarding the Mt Perry Summit walk.

I have been a keen bush walker all my life, growing up in the Bundaberg area with my parents the late Harry and Claudy Frauca, author, naturalist, photographer.

We spent a lot of time exploring the ranges that are a beautiful backdrop to Mt Perry township.

Having done the Mt Perry climb many times, it is a good choice for bushwalkers.

As you may or may not know, hiking as a pastime has exploded across our country. People are just trying new adventures, wanting to “bag” the next summit on their list.

Mt Perry walk will be ideal, with interesting vegetation, some rock, changing ecosystems and then the summit view.

You could probably use such a track for a “Summit Race”.

Be prepared for the crowds to come!

Here in Biggenden I have been exploring the Mt Walsh NP from 1967, and in the past 10 years trading as Experience Altitude I have taken hundreds of people up Mt Walsh and on many off-track remote hikes throughout the National Park.

The result has triggered a huge wave of visitors, exposure by TV stations and the media, and so Mt Walsh NP is now on the national stage.

So it won’t take long after the Mt Perry Walk is finished to see the effect. It is so good to see people getting out, doing exercise and engaging with nature.

Congratulations again to all the team, and your partnership with Mt Rawdon Evolution Mining, QPWS and North Burnett Regional council and the Gidarjil Corporation who will gain employment.

The Mount Perry Community Development Board is to be commended.

Looking forward to seeing progress.


Moira Thompson