2019 AGM 11/09/2019

Presidents Report

Welcome and thank you for coming to the 2019 MPCDB AGM and supporting the community.

Firstly, I would like to thank my management team.

Vice President Gavin Murray. Thanks Gavin for being my sounding board. You have a unique way of looking at things transparently and from an unbias point of view…which means most people don’t like what you have to say…valuable stuff! Our conversations have been much appreciated

Secretary Maryann Nicholsen for her contribution early in the year. Her efforts were much appreciated.

Subsequently, secretary Tammy Heywood who stepped into the position a few months ago and has done a stellar job thus far.

Treasurer Keith Gear who has done a brilliant job as treasurer. There was no worrying about the books because you knew they were being looked after. Thanks Keith, you may think your efforts in the MPCDB went unnoticed or weren’t appreciated, but not by me. All the best to you and Deb for the future.

Last but not least, all board members for the contributions you have made. It is this support that turns opportunity into reality….

….and what a year it has been!!

The first thing that needs to be said is that the MPCDB has accomplished MUCH this year. A conservative dollar value estimate of investment in and around Mt. Perry that the MPCDB has been responsible for, or involved in is more than $270,000.

  • 2 x SQW programs coadministered with Gidarjil each worth $300,000. Mt. Perry was a beneficiary of a third of each of these programs. Total value $200,000.
  • The Melbourne Tram project which has had in excess of $50,000 invested in it so far.
  • The CIJ event turned over in excess of $14,000
  • The Mt. Perry Summit Nature Walk has already had estimated in kind contributions totalling $5000+
  • Successful volunteer grants application valued at $4880


This does not include the countless hours of volunteer support from a host of people over the year.

The MPCDB can’t take the all credit for this outcome. It is a vehicle that is all.

This point needs to be made very clearly. Everyone of these projects relied upon collaboration. Good, traditional, plain old cooperation. People working together.

Without Gidarjil, the SQW trainees would not have been here and done the remarkable work they have in Mt. Perry.

Without the Men’s Shed, the Melbourne Tram would not be here and present one of the greatest opportunities this town has seen for years.

Without the Show Committee and the Arts Group the CIJ event would not have been possible. This event shows what is possible and by working together there is no reason why Mt. Perry couldn’t host a “Gympie Muster”.

The Mt. Perry Summit Nature Walk could not go forward without the NBRC or the QPWS being actively involved.

And then there’s our stakeholders. Without good leadership and communication with stakeholders, the recources needed to make these projects become reality, would evaporate. These stake holders include our local and federal MP’s, the NBRC, the Bendigo Community Bank, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, the Gidargjil Corporation, the QPWS, the Department of Main Roads, the Department of Natural Recources and the list goes on. Even when things don’t quite go to plan, dialogue and diplomacy can often keep the doors open for further discussion.

Its at this point a special mention needs to be made of Evolution, Mt. Rawon Operations who have contributed to the Mt. Perry Community with genuine interest and concern. They have actively sought out ways to help the Mt. Perry Community forward and have followed through with tangible outcomes. Many thanks to Evolution.

One other project the MPCDB has been vitally involved in is the Mt. Perry Gayndah Rd.

Two months after the 799 signatures on a petition to lobby for something to be done about the dangerous state of this road was presented in parliament by Jeff Seeny and rejected by the minister Mark Bailey, a young man named Rhett died in a car accident south of Mingo.

Since then, under pressure from his parents and widow and with the support of the MPCDB we have had Colin Boyce, Ken O’Dowd, Shadow Minister Steve Minicon, Director for Main Raods Neil Scales along with the Mayor Rachel Chambers drive this road and visit the site of Rhetts death.

As a result, Main Roads erected dozens of signs on the treacherous corners to placate our concerns. However we have reiterated that sealing the road is the only way to mitigate its rapid deterioration between grades.

Not wanting to give up, we continued to lobby for a hearing with the Minister for Transport Mark Bailey.

Finally on the 22nd Nov last year we were granted a hearing in Brisbane in his office. He and his staff were very sympathetic and we were given an hour of his time.

Hoping for some action, we were disappointed.

I was then contacted by Narelle Christensen who endured a roll over on this road. Again, a letter was sent to the Ministers office.

We received a return letter from Neil Scales on Mark Baileys behalf outlining some upgrade work about to commence. A copy of the letter is available .

I believe, if not for Rhetts parents and the MPCDB we would not be seeing this work done.

It is important to keep this sort of pressure on however, because until it is sealed, the job is not complete.

If we were to consider the cost of the signs and road work being undertaken, we could safely say that now the MPCDB has been involved in investment in the region totalling millions.

The stage is set for another big year.

All we need to do is remain a cohesive, unified board with one focus – The future of Mt. Perry.

The tram is now moving on to stage 2 in its journey to become Mt. Perrys Tourist Information and stop in centre. The plan is to refurbish the tram, include a virtual mine tour, show case our history, sell some souvenirs and perhaps a coffee and let people know what they can do in Mt. Perry.

There are a number of sites being considered. Hopefully it will be in the main street near the centre of town therefore enhancing the appeal of the town and the chance of people spending money here. The Tram sub committee headed by Nigel French and the Mens Shed have quite a task in front of them. The MPCDB needs to be rock solid to deliver the support platform necessary to see the project completed.

The Summit Working Group (a MPCDB sub committee) consisting of representatives from Evolution, QPWS, NBRC, the Gidarjil Corporation and the MPCDB has covered most preliminary hurdles such as access to the reserve and permissions from parties directly involved such as land holders.

Basically we are poised to commence work on the project as soon as SQW funding is approved.

Funding for the next round of SQW trainees is due to be submitted at the end of this month, with notification of the result mid to late November.

By this time, vehicular access to the reserve via the Gazetted road off Scrub Rd. should be established enabling boots on the ground in the reserve to begin the trail construction.

It is envisaged that there be a marshalling area with parking, a covered bench style table and chair area for particpants to organise themselves. Signage will also be provided with information to inform visitors what they can expect to encounter on the trail.

The MPCDB needs to be rock solid to deliver the support platform necessary to see the project completed.

We expect this project to be worth in excess of $300,000.

There are other projects as well.

Such as the Florence Broadhurst colour concept for the Main Street bringing some much needed vibrance our town.

There is still the free camping concept which has not been realised as yet but has great prospects.

I believe the MPCDB has the right formula to enable these concepts. All we need to do is stay focussed. If you have a vision, this is the launch pad.

There are lots of opportunities, but that is all they are until someone stands up and grabs one and runs with it. This is your opportunity.

Many thanks for your attendance this evening and showing support for the Mt. Perry community.